Mercy Youth

A Message from EASEL Founder Sokleng In

“These students from difference levels to join in youth activities every weekend. On Saturday afternoon, they have a training about Safe Migration Lesson that had 52 lessons including human trafficking lesson. They also learn about holistic skill training from part of the lesson. 35 young students was attended in youth group that lead by 5 key teenagers.

Every Sunday we had separated into 5 small groups to teach children in different locations. They taught them about English, personal hygiene, storytelling, bad touch good touch on children and how to be safe in community, etc.
They also make some event to help the community like: cleaning environment to collecting trash. Making fund raising from local people to buy school materials for children and help to raise fund from friends, parents and local people to build toilet for community.”

Mercy Youth has had a busy 2015, and is starting 2016 with a lot of exciting activities.  From establishing an outdoor classroom in one remote village, including sanitation systems, to raising money in the community, to putting on a fabulous opening ceremony for the new Savannah Jones Memorial Classrooms building, many great things are happening at EASEL and Mercy Youth are at the heart of that activity.

Mercy Youth is made up of the secondary school age youth participating in EASEL School programs.  These youth organize a variety of programs in the community and spearhead outreach efforts on evenings and weekends. Mercy Youth does outreach in many remote villages, such as Monkey Village and Handicap Village, whose children are unable to attend EASEL.


From teaching literacy to life skills such as hygiene and health, Mercy Youth serves disadvantaged youth through many community development programs.  They typically meet at EASELL School on Saturdays and Sundays and divide into groups to reach the more remote areas by bicycle and motorcycle. They are a truly remarkable group of young people.

Mercy Youth Activities

Food Distribution: The Mercy Youth have been doing amazing things lately. One group of secondary youth went to villages bringing bags of rice for the children. They parsed out the rice into individual bags for the children to bring home.

Then the Mercy Youth did fun learning activities and games with the village children.


The Mercy Youth brought rice to patients in the HIV/AIDS clinic near Poipet Cambodia recently.  They visited with the patients suffering with the disease, and also provided them with food. This visit had an emotional impact on everyone, and the patients were appreciative of the thoughtfulness of the Mercy Youth teens.

Rubbish Project: Mercy Youth collected trash around their village to help create a cleaner, healthier community, and to demonstrate their love for the village. They also educated the children of EASEL about the importance of properly disposing of trash.

Monkey Village Toilet: One of the communities most often visited by Mercy Youth is called Monkey Village. Before Mercy Youth began outreach to this village their lessons were conducted under a hut without any walls or desks, with only stones for chairs. Now, their little school has walls, desks, chairs, a teacher paid by EASEL, a Cambodian flag, and artwork courtesy of Mercy Youth. The teenagers recently conducted a fundraising campaign to build a toilet for the Monkey Village school, as it did not have any sanitation facilities. Mercy Youth raised over $100, and the new toilet has proven valuable to the whole village!

Your donations to EASEL not only go to help the children of the school’s host village, but many more as the Mercy Youth’s outreach grows throughout the surrounding area and the effects of their work multiply.

Check out their Facebook page

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