November 2016

Easel School is a bustling place, rain or shine.


Easel has recently partnered with the fabulous Love Without Boundaries and begun to expand outreach and services in a variety of areas.  First, Love Without Boundaries constructed two new school buildings in neighboring villages, to provide education to children who either live too far from the main Easel School building, or are too young to be traveling the distance alone.  Leng, Easel’s founder, noted that many of the young children in these villages are at an educational disadvantaged if they ever do attempt to access government schooling, in part due to their lack of education at an early age, and also due to their varied ages in the early grades.  These new school facilities are intended to help reduce this educational gap for the youngest, and most vulnerable, children in the region.

Children and youth spend much of their free time at Easel, playing sports, studying and socializing with friends.



Updates, November 2016

Great things are happening at Easel School as we near the end of 2016.  International NGO Love Without Boundaries has partnered with Easel this year and started some amazing new projects and programs.  In addition to building two new school buildings in more remote villages, LWB is beginning a hot meal nutrition program which will be getting of the ground in the coming days.  LWB also launched a medical program helping children and youth with serious medical/surgical needs such as heart defects and cleft palettes. The program, much like their work in China, targets major surgical needs that families cannot afford to address.  We will continue partnering with Cambodian hospitals and clinics as we expand this program. In other news, some of our recent donations to the Gofundme site helped to purchase bicycles for children and youth to get from home to school.


More details and photos to come soon.

August Activities

Easel School and Mercy Youth continue to do outreach the new satellite school in Monkey Village. Last week, they bought lesson books to give to children at Monkey village. The students, who live too far from Easel’s main schoolhouse to travel there daily, were very happy to have books to read at home. At the Monkey Village school there are three levels of students studying in one class with one teacher. Easel School founder and director, Leng, has decided to send 5 kids to grade 3 in a government school. Below, you can see the children at the Monkey Village school, which was built by Easel and Mercy Youth, as well as the Mercy Youth teens, Leng and the Monkey Village school teacher.



Students were excited to get their books and Mercy Youth teenagers enjoyed posing with the children.



The kids in Monkey village were excited to start using their books. At Easel School, we believe that education is one of the most important components to improving the lives of the children in the villages.


Easel is humming with activity

Easel has become a center of activity in the village.  With 3 classrooms running 2 classes (am and pm) each day. The new building is bustling.


Kids come from several villages to get to the Easel School.  Easel is running 4 grade levels (the equivalent to Kindergarten – Grade 3) of English classes.  In Kindergarten alone, there are 55 students.  Students arrive on bicycles for morning or afternoon classes, and are often seen playing on the Easel School grounds throughout the day and into the evening.  The tire swing is very popular.


July Update from Leng

Easel school is doing well, children have fun in learning with their teacher. Some children are moving up to next grade. In starter class, children are keeping increase till 55 in this class. Parents admired what we are doing in their community. MERCY Youth Group was acting for their outreach in difference villages every weekend. I saw through these inspiring teenagers that they are caring for each other.
Monkey Village Outreach School-
 the teacher is doing well in his teaching. The teenagers was helping him to teach every two times a week. He taught three difference levels in this school. I talked to him, and we will send 5 kids to grade 3 in public school. The school is far (6km) from their village. I’m looking for 5 bicycles for their traveling in November.

Secondary Students prepare for exams

Easel has been a very busy place lately. First update is on the Secondary Students at Easel. It is difficult to overstate how inspiring these youth are. In addition to attending local public secondary school, most of these youth come to the Easel School every afternoon to tutor children. They help Easel’s day school students with everything from English and Khmer, to Thai and Computers. On the weekends, these youth get together in groups and bring books, supplies and food to more remote villages in the region. Since most local children have to walk or ride bicycles to school, if the distance is too far, that means no school. These youth meet the children where they are, in their own villages. But as secondary school graduation approaches, pressure to perform on the national exams increases. In order to help, Leng and the Easel School have hired a tutor for these students to help them prepare for their exams. You can see them studying in these pictures. Contact us to get involved.



Summer Updates from Leng

I’m behalf of Easel and children would like to say deep THANK YOU to you keep impress and continue to support what we are doing to provide education to children who never had an opportunity. Now through our commitment group, Mercy Youth, we all work hard with four difference locations in working with children. And the donation you have been donated was using for these children.
Location1 is head Easel school are providing English and Native language to more than 200 of children and teenagers.
Location2 is investing with 15 children at Monkey village, 7 Km farm from the Easel school.
Location3 is investing with 43 children at Handicap village, 5 Km far from the Easel school.
Location4 is investing with 57 children at Dei Sor village, 10 Km far from the Easel school.

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